The necklaces are so perfect. They are cute and pretty for mom to wear, and a fun distraction for the babe! I love that it’s Canadian, so you know it’s safe! The shipping was fast and there are is so much variety. I got a couple to switch up the looks as I enjoy wearing jewelry but it is next to impossible with a teething baby! Highly recommend! And it would make a great shower gift for others who may not no about them.


I just received my mommy necklace today, not only is it stylish but very good quility as well. My little one loves it already. I’m very impressed with the customer service from Bebe perla, she had my custom made necklace ready overnight and delievered it to me the next morning. I highly recommend these products!


Love our heart teether! My daughter always has it attached to either her or her car seat. Shipping was fast. When we received ours it had the wrong end attached. I simply notified and was shipped the correct one the next morning!! Now that’s customer service!! I will be ordering more for baby gifts in the near future. Thanks.


We love are necklace just got it and my 6 month old chews away and plays with while nursing ☺


We just got our Bebe perla necklace in the mail not even an hr ago and my daughter just loves it! I also love how it’s not tacky. Simple and stylish! So nice to see her get relief on her hurting gums as well. interested in other teething toys you have to offer! One happy customer! 🙂


I LOVE Bebe Perla products and all the care that goes into them! I can hardly wait to share these with my new niece or nephew!


My little girl loves her sucky clip ! Can’t go anywhere without it.. Thank you Bebe perla !


My little girl LOVES her little nibbler! It clips onto her clothes so we arent always looking for it everywhere! Love this product! Quick shipping! Friendly sales staff! Can’t ask for more!


I don’t leave the house without our Nibbler clipped to my 7 month old. He LOVES it and it keeps him occupied while out on walks or in the car!


Beautiful necklace! I love to wear it and dd loves to chew on it!!


My necklace got some attention at the mall today from a baby and other shoppers. I was actually stopped today and asked about mine, I was happy to refer the lady to Bebe Perla for great products and service.


I love the look of your products!!! You can’t find any of these styles in stores. Can’t wait to see more!


My little babe is loving her teether! Love how it can be attched to her clothing and it’s always there on hand!