Customisable Pacifier Clip – PASTEL



You can add to your pacifier clip a teething accessory to replace the pacifier whenever you want: a 2 in 1 practice!

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The maximum length of the pacifier clip is 22 cm (excluding clip) according to French standards: depending on the size of the child’s name, the number of pearls and the pearls between the letters will be likely to be modified or deleted, which will make the clip slightly different from the picture.

We are planning a loop length for the clip allowing you to change it freely if it is broken without having to completely change your clip.


Your little one will no longer lose his pacifier, thanks to our silicone pacifier clips. Baby can even chew it safely.

• 100% food grade silicone,

• Without taste and odor,

• non-toxic BPA free, PVC, phthalates, cadmium or lead Our pacifier chain attaches the useful to the pleasant, since in addition to attaching its pacifier, your child can chew it, providing a natural and gentle way to relieve his desire to put something in his mouth.

You can attach it to baby’s clothes, it will not fall on the ground and you will not spend hours and hours looking for it!

Easy to wash, with warm water and soap, it’s the “must have” of all moms who want to please their children. However, be careful not to wash the wooden clip so as not to damage the paint.

You must always check the balls before use to make sure they are not damaged. Stop using if this is the case.

Do not leave your baby unattended with this product.

Wash before each use.

The colors may be slightly different from the picture.

*** The models of the creations and photos are the exclusive property of baby Perla Inc. Any reproduction, even partial, is forbidden. ***