Little Girl's Silicone Necklace - Lily Purple

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Bebe Perla Silicone chewing necklace little girl christmas gift Silicone chewbeads for girl birthday gift silicone necklace girl Bébé Perla Silicone Necklaces for girls 5 or older. Food grade silicone
List price: €13.00

Bébé Perla makes fun Silicone chewable Kids Necklace for your daughter to chew on!
We all know kids LOVES to put everything in their mouth and chew, that include bitting their nails! Let your little one chew on this necklace Safetly!

With a breakaway clasp and knots between each bead, they are safe for girls ages 2+.

  • 100% Food-Grade Silicone beads
  • BPA, phthalates, cadmium, lead, metals FREE
  • Easily cleaned with dish soap and water and are dishwasher safe
    (top rack)
  • Feature a safety breakaway clasp to avois strangulation

This is THE PERFECT UNIQUE birthday present to any birthday party you would go too!

This kid necklace is a fashionable alternative for girls who chew on non-food items like clothes and pencils. They are perfect not only as fashion accessories, but also for kids with sensory processing disorders (SPD), autism, ADHD and other special needs.

Additional Safety Information:
Children with fully developed teeth or excessive biting may be able to tear beads.
Jewelry should be inspected before use. If damaged, discard immediately as this may be a potential choking hazard.

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