Bébé Perla Inc. presents to you her two little ones who inspire her more and more every day

Bebe Perla Children
Bebe Perla children

Photo by Megan Cavender Photography


My name is Gémma and I created Baby Perla Inc. for moms who love fashion and want to stay stylish even after the birth of their baby.

Becoming a mom changed all my habits. My wardrobe, my appearance, my days … everything has changed.

My son, as cute as he was chewing my clothes, my necklaces, my hair … So I had to find an alternative to stay myself, the woman who likes to be pretty and wear jewelry.

After some research, I found an easy way to combine my mom’s life and let my baby put everything to his mouth safely.

I founded Baby Perla Inc. when my son Liam was 4 months old. One day, a friend came to play at home with her son, she was wearing a nice silicone necklace that she had just bought. Her son looked so happy that I just loved this concept and decided to do some research.

I had never heard of teething necklaces 4 years ago when my daughter, Elona, ​​was born.

I had to get one of these new creations but on maternity leave, you have to pay attention to expenses. So I decided to create a teething necklace myself. My friends soon asked me to make them one, then two and more and more. Finally, word of mouth made me known and I enlarged my creations and my collections.

Each collar is carefully made to ensure that it is completely safe when baby chews it.

Made of 100% food grade silicone, non-toxic: BPA free, PVC, phthalates, cadmium or lead, they provide a natural and gentle way to help relieve your child.

Baby Perla necklaces feature a sturdy drawstring and a secure clasp that comes off when baby is putting too much strain on the necklace to not hurt his mom. What makes my products a fashion accessory for mom, is that can be worn on any occasion, and is safe for baby.

Finally jewelry and fashion accessories, fun and practical that baby, children and mom will love!